Case Study

Leibowitz Communications Inc. / Rao Dermatology

In-house Construction

Sometimes, you find the right location, but it needs work to become your dream office space. After all, it’s important that a space not only fits your needs, but also inspires creativity and productivity.

Leibowitz Communications, a brand and design firm, found a new home that needed some serious TLC. As a creative firm, they weren’t going to be happy with just another white box, so Justin Management collaborated with them to create the office of their dreams.

As a fully vertically integrated real estate company, comprised of our own in-house architects, contractors, electricians, and plumbers, our team created a one-of-a-kind office space dating back to the buildings original aesthetic. We refinished the floors to their original layer, exposed all the wood columns throughout the space, refinished the brick that was hiding under layers of sheetrock and plaster, not seen since the 60’s and installed all stainless steel appliances to ensure that their creative urges could always be indulged.

Similarly, Rao Dermatology, a high-end dermatologist who caters to many celebrities and sports stars, was in need of a space that represented their brand. Having not relocated in over 30 years, they felt it was time for a refresh. After being shown 900 Broadway, they fell in love with the location and the oversized arched windows 900 Broadway and the lady’s mile historic district is known for. Unfortunately, the space was previously built for a marketing and branding agency and didn’t possess any of the components a doctor’s office needs. After sharing their inspirations with the Justin Management team, JM got to work on helping design the space using many of the spaces in place features as possible through repurposing of custom glass work. Transitioning the space to a doctor’s office faced many hurdles particularly in regards to plumbing distribution.

Usually, a remodel of this scope would be extremely timely and costly. However, due to our in-house plumbers and contractors, we were able to complete the construction and demolition process in less than 6 weeks.

With over 40 years of management and construction experience, Justin Management can find and create the perfect office for any tenant.

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