Case Study


Tenant Growth

When you’re just starting out in business, it’s tough to get landlords to take you seriously.

Unfortunately, without a proven track record, it can be difficult to secure an office space and that can affect your company’s future. Like growing a plant from a seed, a new business needs room to grow roots too.

Dig, a restaurant concept that aims to disrupt the food industry by collaborating with farmers to create menus with local, mindfully sourced ingredients, was facing a growth problem. In order to continue to bring delicious, healthy, well-priced meals to the masses while reducing waste, they needed space to continuously grow as they began quickly taking off.

Founded in 2011, Dig began their path to success in a small 5-person office within the Justin portfolio at 153 West 27th Street. With their concept taking off fast, Dig’s primary need was more space and flexible lease terms. With 1,000,000 SF of office space, ranging from 1,000 SF to 20,000 SF, Justin Management was able to continuously scale alongside Dig. Utilizing our in-house construction and design team, we continuously created custom-built offices with full test kitchens, so that Dig could continue expanding and dreaming up incredible dishes while growing their business quickly.

Our belief in their mission paid off. Dig grew from 3 to 20+ stores and now serves over 6 million customers (and counting) a year. Dig continues to grow their brand through Instagram and a custom app that allows customers to order healthy, sustainable, and delicious meals with ease.

By believing in their mission and helping them build a space where they could scale quickly, Justin Management created the office space Dig needed to not just grow but thrive.

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