Case Study


Downsize Accommodation

Try as you might, you can’t always predict the future, but you can be prepared for the possibilities.

There was no way that ButterflyMX could’ve planned for a global pandemic. Founded in 2014, ButterflyMX is a smart video intercom system that offers property access monitoring to individuals and communities through a simple smartphone interface doing away with outdated and costly intercoms and traditional keypad entry systems.

Pre-pandemic, Butterfly MX worked with Justin Management to locate and build out the perfect office space for a growing company. Working together, they were able to turn a dull white-box into a bright, colorful, modern layout with an exposed ceilings and glass offices that reflected a company on the rise. Butterfly MX was flying high.

Then, COVID-19 hit. Work stopped across the country, and suddenly ButterflyMX found itself in a position like many other companies — they needed to downsize, and it needed to happen quickly.

Luckily, Justin Management understands that change will always be a part of business, so breaking a lease to accommodate the need to downsize (or grow) is something we are always willing to do. We view our tenants as our partners, and if they can’t succeed under the burdens of their rent due to economic hardships, we don’t see success ourselves.

With assistance from Justin Management, ButterflyMX was able to relocate during the downturn. To help make things as painless as possible, especially during such a difficult time, Justin Management found a space in the same building and even assisted with the relocation. With a new office half the size of their previous space, ButterflyMX was able to save money and keep their business afloat through a crisis that has shuttered so many others. Our belief in our tenants and our willingness to assist them through the difficult times, is what ensure they remain with us during the robust times.

Unlike many landlords, Justin Management tries to see things from our tenants’ perspective and accommodate them as best we can. With Butterfly MX, we realized the difficult time they were going through and did what we could to help them stay in business.

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